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CRF Support

Chelonian Research Foundation has benefitted greatly from the generous support of multiple individuals and organizations over the years, and we are extremely grateful to all of them for their past and on-going support. Without them we could not have accomplished all that we have, nor made as significant an impact in the world of turtle biology and conservation. Much of the support we have received has been focused on our scientific journal, Chelonian Conservation and Biology, but much has also gone to direct support of Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter, Chelonian Research Monographs, and the Linnaeus Fund Annual Turtle Awards.

We are especially grateful for the most generous personal and organizational support of the following dedicated individuals over the years, without whom we could never have accomplished all that we have: Anders G.J. Rhodin (Founder), Russell A. Mittermeier (Conservation International), George Meyer and Maria Semple, Matthew Frankel (Frankel Family Foundation), and Eric Goode (Behler Chelonian Center / Turtle Conservancy).



We have also recently received welcome support from Tortoise Creek Wines of Acampo, California, who are producing and marketing a red Zinfandel from Lodi called "The Chelonian" and donating a portion of their annual proceeds to Chelonian Research Foundation to benefit the conservation and increased understanding of turtles and tortoises. We thank them for their generosity and public marketing exposure. The wine is delicious and classic, and we urge anyone with a love for turtles and wine to order some, either for personal use or restaurant sales. The wine is commercially and nationally available through normal distribution channels. (Click here for details).


Please consider supporting our on-going efforts to understand and preserve turtles around the world by making a tax-deductible contribution to Chelonian Research Foundation [an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization], 168 Goodrich St., Lunenburg, MA, 01462 USA (RhodinCRF@aol.com). Thank you.

We gratefully acknowledge and thank the following supporters of CRF (and CCB, TTN, CRM, and LF) who have honored and helped us with their generous contributions at the following levels of support over the last several years:

Patrons ($2000+)


Conservation International
George Meyer and Maria Semple
Frankel Family Foundation
Matthew Frankel
Behler Chelonian Center
Turtle Conservation Fund
The Turtle Conservancy
Edward M. Neil


Conservation International
Anders G.J. Rhodin
Behler Chelonian Center
Frankel Family Foundation
Coastal Wildlife Club
Eckerd College
Gopher Tortoise Council
Drexel University
Florida Turtle Conservation Trust
IUCN/SSC Marine Turtle Specialist Group
The Leatherback Trust
George Meyer and Maria Semple
University of California at Davis
Wildwood Veterinary Hospital
Turtle Conservation Fund


Conservation International
Anders G.J. Rhodin
Desert Tortoise Council
C. Kenneth Dodd, Jr.
Frankel Family Foundation
George Meyer and Maria Semple
Wildwood Veterinary Hospital

Benefactors ($200-$1999)


Chris Bell and Mary Poteet in Memory of Carl Gans
John Carr
Justin Congdon
Whit Gibbons
Walde Research and Environmental Consulting
Chris Sanders, Wildwood Veterinary Hospital
Bruce Weissgold


Jae P. Abel
Linda Baldauski
William Belzer
John D. Constable
William G. Conway
C. Kenneth Dodd, Jr.
Traci D. Hartsell
René E. Honegger
Albert C. Molnar
Karen M. Robbins
Chris Sanders
Andrew Walde
Bruce J. Weissgold


Matthew G. Frankel
Traci D. Hartsell
Jae P. Abel
Ray E. Ashton, Jr.
Mark L. Feldman
Arthur Georges
Terry E. Graham
Mike Jessop
Jeffrey W. Lang
Stephen J. Morreale
Chris Sanders
Bern W. Tryon

Contributors ($100-$199)


Jae Abel
Karen Robbins


Jae Abel
Kristin Berry
Brian Butler
Mark Feldman
Peter Lindeman
Tim McDaniel
Nicholas Mrosovsky
Henry Mushinsky
Theodore Papenfuss
Robert S. Piper
Michael Rankin
Karen Robbins
Chris Sanders
Frank Slavens

Brett Stearns
John Thorbjarnarson
Bern Tryon
Bruce Weissgold
Larry Wood


Josiah T. Austin
Alan J. Bartels
James E. Barzyk
William R. Belzer
James F. Berry
Kristin H. Berry
Mark Bersche
Robert E. Brechtel
R. Bruce Bury
Brian O. Butler
Fred Caporaso
David E. Collins
Bernard Devaux
Philip W. Drajeske
Carl H. Ernst
Wayne Frair
William M. Johnson
Constance B. Katzenbach
Akihiro Koshikawa
James and Kirsten Kranz
John M. Legler
John P. Levell
Leslie M. Levine
Stanley M. Levine
Justin C. McCann
James McDougal
Peter A. Meylan
Jonathan E. Murray
John A. Musick
Robert Mark Packer
Stephanie Pappas
Barry R. Paterno
F. Harvey Pough
Michael B. Pugh
Robert M. Rioux
Karen M. Robbins
Willem M. Roosenburg
John Jake Ryan
Brett C. Stearns
Michael Stepniewski
John K. Tucker
Herbert von Kluge
Scott E. White
Robert T. Zappalorti
William H. Zovickian