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Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter
Number 2 June 2000

Table of Contents

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A Too Brief and Woefully Incomplete Terrapin Primer. - Don Lewis
Mysterious Terrapin Die-Off on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. - Don Lewis
Terrapin Conservation Efforts. - Walker Golder, David Lee, and Marguerite Whilden
Arizona Game and Fish Department “Sponsor-a-Tortoise” Program. - Roy C. Averill-Murray
Terrapin research at Gateway National Recreational Area. - Russell L. Burke and Jeremy Feinberg
Observations on Hibernation in Captive Box Turtles in New Jersey. - Wayne Labenda
Current Status of Seychelles Terrapins. - Justin Gerlach
Mid-Atlantic Turtle Conference Held in Maryland. - Chris Swarth
Tortoise Trust Global Emergency Fund. - Andy C. Highfield
A Communication Tool for Turtle and Tortoise Owners. - Darrell Senneke
    Updates and Letters
New Efforts for Turtle Conservation—Conservation International (CI). - Kurt A. Buhlmann
PARC Update. - Whit Gibbons
Update on CITES. - Heather Kalb
    Legal Issues
The Box Turtle Coalition of the Northeast Urges a Halt to Recreational Collecting in Pennsylvania. - Cheryl Lechtanski
Proposal to Place a Moratorium on All Fisheries Affecting the Diamondback Terrapin. - Gregory Pokrywka and the MATTS Board
Terrapin Research Consortium. - Marguerite Whilden
Tortoise Consortium. - Michael J. Connor
Michigan Turtle Conservation Organization (MTCO). - Thomas Nichols
The Missouri Turtle and Tortoise Society (MTTS). - James Mapes
The Dallas-Fort Worth (Texas) Herpetological Society. - Michael Smith
    Theses, Dissertations and Other Unusual References
    Newsnotes and Announcements
    Internet Sites of Interest
    Information and Assistance Needed

The cover photo, by Don Lewis, is of a fully mature female, Malaclemys terrapin. Female 815 is 18.0 cm in carapace length and was first observed on 20 August, 1999, in Wellfleet's Blackfish Creek. She was next seen on 9 May 2000, shortly after emerging from winter brumation, swimming in Blackfish Creek. She recorded only marginal 0.1 cm growth in carapace width and had lost 12 grams since her late August weigh-in.

The editors wish to apologize for crediting the article "Tortoise Reserve: Their Projects and the New Chelonian Slide Collection" in issue 1 to the wrong author. The correct author is David Lee, The Tortoise Reserve, Inc., P.O. Box 7082, White Lake, NC 28337; E-mail:

We would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for financially supporting the Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter:

Roy C. Averill-Murray, Sandra Barnett, Barbara A. Bell, William R. Belzer, Neil P. Bernstein, Madeline L. Bonanno, I. Lehr Brisbin, Brian D. Duracka, Mark L. Feldman, Michael L. Hine, Constance B. Katzenbach, Cheryl L. Lechtanski, Robert C. Lee, Stuart Jay Levine, Justin C. McCann, Robin McNeal, Joseph C. Mitchell, Robert Prescott, James H. Rea, John J. Ryan, Rosa Solé Ariza, Ann B. Somers, St. Louis Herpetological Society, Richard E. Staedtler, Robert W. Taylor, Linda M. Wachsberg, and Joseph P. Ward.