Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter, 2000, 2:20
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Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter

Theses, Dissertations and Other Unusual References


Hamilton, Alison. 2000. Evidence for ontogenetic shifts in box turtles: activity patterns, movements, and use of microenvironments and habitats by juvenile Terrapene carolina bauri on Egmont Key, Florida. MS thesis, Univ. of Florida, Gainesville. 160 pp.
Major advisor: C. Kenneth Dodd, Jr.

Chelonian Articles Published in the Bulletin of the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians (ARAV)

The Bulletin of the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians is designed to be a source of information for veterinarians involved in public and private practice on reptiles and amphibians. The Bulletin is interested in all aspects of care for these species including natural history and maintenance in captivity as well as particular medical and surgical problems. To request articles, please contact the Bulletin editor, Thomas H. Boyer, DVM at 3454 Chasewood Dr., San Diego, CA 92111; Phone 619-484-3490; Fax 619-541-2075; E-mail

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