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Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter
Number 3 January 2001

Table of Contents

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Publisher¹s Editorial: Making Progress in Freshwater Turtle and Tortoise Conservation. - Anders G.J. Rhodin
Preliminary Observations of a Large Turtle Farm in Hainan Province, People¹s Republic of China. - Haitao Shi and James Ford Parham
Conservation Concerns Facing the Inagua Slider. - David S. Lee and Eric Carey
IUCN¹S 2000 Red List of Threatened Species is Launched. - IUCN Communications Unit
Scientists Say Half of Asia¹s Turtles Endangered. - TRAFFIC Press Release
Observations in the Qing Ping Free Market, Guangzhou, China, November 2000. - Harald Artner and Andreas Hofer
An Examination of the Concept of "Commercial Extinction". - Allen Salzberg
Environmental Education Kiosks Feature Multi-Media Programming for Mojave Desert Visitors. - Michael J. Connor
Continuous Temperature Measurements in Reptile Enclosures, Using Simple Electronic Equipment and a Standard Personal Computer. - Victor J.T. Loehr
World Experts Attend International Conference "Relocation of Turtles and Tortoises - Animals in Crisis". - Ray Ashton
Preliminary Comments on Building Chelonian Libraries. - John P. Levell
Turtles for Sale. - Allen Salzberg
    Updates and Letters
Beyond Powdermill: New Grist for the Mill. - Nancy N. FitzSimmons
Revised CITES Export Quotas for Chelonians 2000.
    Theses, Dissertations, Abstract Titles, and Unusual References.
Tortoise Trust USA . - Darrell Senneke
    Announcements and Conferences.
    Requests for Information.

The cover photo, by James Ford Parham, is of relatives of a turtle farmer holding intentionally produced Cuora trifasciata X Mauremys mutica hybrids that closely resemble the poorly understood Mauremys iversoni.

We would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for financially supporting the Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter:

Douglass M. Allen, Linda G. Baldauski, Marvin H. Bennett, Jr., Scott Bollinger, Jürgen Gad, Guido Gerosa, René E. Honegger, Island Foundation, Stephen R. Johnson, Gretchen E. Kaufman, Jennifer Kureen, Jeffrey W. Lang, Louis J. Laux, Thomas R. Leach, Leslie M. Levine, Monitor International, Steven Myers, Glynnis L. Nakai, Steven G. Platt, Alan M. Richmond, Donald N. Riemer, Michael Rudolphi, Tonia S. Schwartz, C. Robert Shoop, Michael A. Smith, John K. Tucker, Turtle and Tortoise Society of Charleston, Jon M. Vanderhorst, and Colleen M. Young.