Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter, 2000, 3:25
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Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter

Theses, Dissertations, Abstract Titles, and Unusual References

Siart, Leeanne. 1999. An investigation of wood turtle (Clemmys insculpta) nest success in Southwestern Massachusetts.  MS Thesis, Antioch University-New England, Keene, NH. 75. pp. Major advisor: Dr. Rick Van de Poll

The following papers, presented at the Mid-Atlantic Turtle Conference in October, 1999, were omitted from the list of presentations in the second issue of TTN. The Proceedings from that conference should be available soon. For information contact Chris Swarth at

Nest Predation and Ecology of Diamondback Terrapins, (Malaclemys terrapin) at Gateway National Recreation Area. Jeremy Feinberg.

Accuracy in Finding Turtles and Other Herps: What Biological Difference Does Accuracy Make? Eugene R. Meyer.

Natural History and Breeding Biology of Red-bellied Turtles (Pseudemys rubriventris) on the Tidal Pautuxent River, Maryland. Christopher W. Swarth.

Habitat use and Movement Patterns of Eastern Box turtles (Terrapene carolina) at the Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary, Maryland. Michael Marchand, Mike Quinlan and Christopher W. Swarth.

Habitat Use, Home Range and Movement of Eastern Box Turtles in Northern Delaware. Holly Niederriter.