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Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter
Number 4 August 2001

Table of Contents

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Bog Turtle Conservation, Research, and Education Programs at The Baltimore Zoo. - Anthony Wisnieski and Vicky A. Poole
FYI: News Articles on Freshwater Turtles and Tortoises.
Workshop Addresses Long Range Protection and Management of Bog Turtle Habitat in Maryland. - David S. Lee, Chris Swarth, and Kurt Buhlmann
United States Import and Export of Live Turtles and Tortoises. - Teresa M. Telecky
Medical Issues Affecting the Rehabilitation of Asian Chelonians. - Charles Innis
Chelonian Research Foundation Linnaeus Fund: 2000 Grant Recipients. - Anders G.J. Rhodin
    Legal Issues
US Regulations on the Trade of Turtles Less than Four Inches. - [Revised as of April 1, 2000]
US Regulation on Importing Turtles under Four Inches. - [Revised as of Oct. 1, 2000]
Request for Information and Recommendations on Species to Consider for Changes to the Cites Appendices.
Maryland Governor Glendening Establishes a Diamondback Terrapin Task Force.
Further Information on the Diamondback Terrapin Task Force. - Marguerite Whilden
Homopus Research Foundation. - Victor Loehr
Turtle Homes. - Lori Green
Northern Ohio Association of Herpetologists (NOAH). - Matt Reno
    Book Review
Turtles of Borneo and Peninsular Malaysia by Lim Boo Liat and Indraneil Das. 1999. - Review by John P. Levell
    Information Sought
Information sought on the post-implantation effects of microchip transponders in chelonians.
Seeking breeders of Cuora and Cistoclemmys.

The cover photo (by Robert T. Zappalorti, Executive Director/President of Herpetological Associatess) of a male bog turtle from New Jersey.

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