Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter, 2000, 4:24a
© 2000 by Chelonian Research Foundation

Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter

Homopus Research Foundation

Victor Loehr
(chairman Homopus Research Foundation)
Nipkowplein 24, 3402 EC IJsselstein, Netherlands

Since 1995, a number of activities related to tortoises of the genus Homopus have been carried out, within the Studbook Breeding Programme Homopus. Initially the program was started for the coordination of studbooks (captive breeding projects) on Homopus, under the auspices of the European overall studbook foundation known as ‘Stichting Overkoepelend Orgaan Stamboeken’ (SOOS). However, over time the number of activities not directly related to studbook keeping, such as conducting scientific work within the captive populations and even fieldwork, increased. Therefore it was decided to condense all activities into a new, broader organization, named the Homopus Research Foundation. Another reason for the new foundation is that its non-profit, tax-exempt status facilitates receipt of donations from third parties.

The current studbooks on Homopus areolatus and H. s. signatus are among the activities carried out within the new foundation. These studbooks will also remain under auspices of the overall foundation SOOS.

Additional information about the Homopus Research Foundation can be found on the Internet site of the foundation,