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Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter
Number 5 January 2002

Table of Contents

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Behavioral Observations of Captive Juvenile Manouria emys phayrei with Notes on Degrees of Intergradation with Manouria emys emys. - Chuck Schaffer and Vic Morgan
Chelonian Notes along the Caura River, Venezuela, 2001. - Pierre Fidenci
Putative Chipmunk Predation of Juvenile Eastern Box Turtles. - William R. Belzer, Susan Seibert, and Benjamin Atkinson
Oh, Those Box Turtles. - Don Zeiller
Commercial Extinction Exists and Is Often a Conservation Objective. - William E. Magnusson
IUCN Asian Turtle Workshop: Developing Conservation Strategies through Captive Management and the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA). - Rick Hudson and Kurt Buhlmann
Editors’ Comments on Recent Hong Kong Confiscations.
Recent Actions by the People’s Republic of China to Better Control International Trade of Turtles. - Meng Xianlin, Zhou Zhihua, Bryan L. Stuart
Pu Mat Turtle Hunter Interview. - William H. Espenshade III and Le Thien Duc
Madagascar Tortoise Crisis Letter To CITES Animal Committee and Concerned Parties, 9 January 2002. - John Behler
    Book Reviews. - Reviewed by John P. Levell

    References, Dissertations and Theses.

    Newsnotes. - Brigid Ranson

    Announcements and Conferences.


The cover photo, by Chuck Schaffer, is of a Manouria emys phayrei female from Vic Morgan's captive collection. She was part of the study described in the first article of this issue and has reproduced successfully every year since 1991.

We would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for financial support: Baltimore Zoo, Neil P. Bernstein, Thomas G. Berta, Nancy B. Chang, Michael L. Hine, Constance B. Katzenbach, Keith Kelley, Jeannie Lord, Sam E. McCuen, Jeffrey D. Miller, Bruce J. Morgan, Laura B. Mostello, Mason Phelps, James H. Rea, John Jake Ryan, David Seburn, Bella Stoll, Tortoise Reserve, Inc., and Donald Zeiller.