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Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter
Number 6 November 2002

Table of Contents

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Temporary Holding and Placement at Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, Hong Kong. - Gary Ades and Paul Crow
The Miami Experience. - Chuck Schaffer
Medical Triage in Miami, Florida. - Chris Tabaka
Turtle Rescue - Turtle Survival Alliance Executive Summary. - Rick Hudson and Kurt Buhlmann
A Word of Thanks from Barbara Bonner and the Turtle Hospital. - Barbara Bonner, MS, DVM
Results of Turtle Market Surveys in Chengdu and Kunming. - Shi Haitao
The Beleaguered Chelonians of Northeastern India. - Abhik Gupta
A Nine Year Study of Eastern Box Turtle Courtship with Implications for Reproductive Success and Conservation in a Translocated Population. - Bill Belzer
A Note on Box Turtle Reproduction. - David S. Lee
Gopher Tortoise Die-Off at Rock Springs Run State Reserve, Lake County, Florida. - Ali Rabatsky and Boyd Blihovde
Generic Revisions of Emydine Turtles. - James Ford Parham and Chris R. Feldman
Adapting the Namaqualand Speckled Padloper, Homopus signatus signatus,to Captive Conditions. - Mark Klerks
Northern Virginia Reptile Rescue. - Dennis Desmond
World Chelonian Trust Overview. - Darrell Senneke
Cooperative Agreement Between the Tortoise Reserve and World Chelonian Trust.
    Book Reviews
The Turtles of Russia and Other Ex-Soviet Republics (Former Soviet Union). - Reviewed by John P. Levell
    Legal Issues
New Turtles to be Proposed for CITES Listing in November. - Allen Salzberg
Spotted Turtles Receive Increased Protection in South Carolina. - Steve Bennett
Commercial Herp Trade Ends in Nebraska / Commercial Snapping Turtle Trade ends in Maine.
United States Fish and Wildlife Service Lifts May 9th Ban on the Importation of CITES Listed Wildlife and Products from Madagascar. - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
    Newsnotes. - Summarized By Brigid Ranson

    Announcements and Conferences.

The cover photo, taken by Jerome Maran, is of an Emys (= "Clemmys") marmorata, the Pacific pond turtle. You can see the close resemblance to Emys orbicularis.

We would like to thank all of the following donors: Jae P. Abel, Kraig Adler, Baltimore Zoo, William Belzer, Marvin H. Bennett, Neil P. Bernstein, Madeline L. Bonanno, Marc Bossert, Robert E. Brechtel, British Chelonia Group, Nicholas A. Chew, G. Elaine Chow, Joseph T. Collins, Mary Anne Compton, Anne F. Darlington, C. Kenneth Dodd, Jr., Philip W. Drajeske, Peggy J. Drake, Alain DuprB), Barry D. Durst, Jeremy Feinberg, Janet Feutz, Wayne Frair, Matthew G. Frankel, Terrell G. Heaton-Jones, Jean R. Held, Dan C. Holland, Eugene W. Holmes, Jennifer Homcy, Island Foundation, Louisa M. Jaskulski, David T. Kirkpatrick, Jennifer Kureen, Richard L. Lardie, David S. Lee, Robert C. Lee, John M. Legler, Lisa Lowell, Justin C. McCann, Sam E. McCuen, Philip A. Medica, Martha Ann Messinger, Albert C. Molnar, Kenneth A. Nagy, David H. Nelson, Frank J. Passamonte, Charles Scott Pfaff, Mason M. Phelps, F. Harvey Pough, Michael B. Pugh, James H. Rea, Donald N. Riemer, Robert M. Rioux, John Jake Ryan, Norman J. Scott, Jack W. Sites, Jr., Brett C. Stearns, Paul-Heinrich Stettler, Bern W. Tryon, Ken Vellin, Herbert Von Kluge, Harold Wahlquist, Joseph P. Ward, Bruce J. Weissgold, Jeanette Wyneken, Yuichirou Yasukawa, Colleen M. Young, Donald Zeiller, and George R. Zug.