Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter, 2000, 6:33c
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Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter

Cooperative Agreement Between the Tortoise Reserve and World Chelonian Trust

The Tortoise Reserve, Inc., a non-profit chelonian conservation organization and the World Chelonian Trust, a non-profit membership-based turtle and tortoise society, have entered into an informal cooperative agreement. This agreement will provide a framework for us to work together on various activities where we have a shared mutual interest. We believe that the combined expertise and assets of the two organizations can be of long-range benefit to many aspects of turtle and tortoise conservation. This arrangement will encourage both organizations to focus resources on specific issues where we have shared interest and it will complement our existing programs.

Since freshwater turtle and tortoise conservation efforts have expanded into issues regarding the pet trade and captive breeding, the newly formed agreement seems appropriate and timely. The Tortoise Reserve is already working with a number of organizations and institutions on specific programs; the World Chelonian Trust is also working in some of these same programs as well as others through the efforts of its board and membership. This agreement is open and will provide a greater opportunity for the two organizations to work together on any number of key issues. In the coming months the directors and boards of the two groups will develop several trial programs which should be of mutual importance and will directly address the conservation needs of turtles.

Marine turtles are outside the primary scope of both organizations.

Members of the World Chelonian Trust may wish to visit the web site of the Tortoise Reserve to learn of their current activities ( The visual image resources and the turtle sanctuary program may be of particular interest. The World Chelonian Trust also maintains a conservation and care educational web site at .

Any World Chelonian Trust members wishing to work in the development of specific aspects of this cooperative agreement, or ones having ideas of issues to address, should contact Darrell Senneke ( We are excited about the potential of our combined efforts.